Matt Perkins

Grief to growth

Pastor Matt Perkins embraced a new season of ministry alongside his wife, Kari, in 2024, transitioning from his role as Worship Pastor after serving ten years at Peoples Church. In 2021, they launched Grief to Growth®, an innovative program designed to support those impacted by significant loss. Over the past few years, hundreds of individuals have experienced renewed hope through their program.

Released in January 2024, “The Grief to Growth Pathway,” a new book by Matt and Kari, quickly became a #1 New Release, reflecting the profound impact of their work. The program’s success has led to its expansion to churches nationwide, demonstrating Perkins’ commitment to facilitating healing and growth in the lives of others. While Peoples Church continues to serve as their home base, Pastor Matt focuses on expanding the reach of Grief to Growth® throughout the Central Valley of California and beyond.
Matt and Kari were both widowed in 2015. They met the following year and married in 2017. Together, they are blending a family of seven children. This personal journey of loss, love, and blended family dynamics enriches their empathy and passion for the Grief to Growth® program, offering a unique perspective that resonates with many.

Matt's leadership and musical gifting have been recognized, given his three decades of experience as a worship pastor. He has produced many musical productions and events, including a pivotal role in developing choirs that have performed alongside Grammy-winning artists. As a vocalist, Matt has been featured on recordings for industry giants such as Walt Disney Music® and Sony Music®, showcasing his commitment to artistic excellence and diverse musical talent.
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