Erin Ventura

outreach pastor

Pastor Erin grew up in Fresno. However, did not grow up attending church, instead she met Jesus for the first time when she got transferred to Fresno Christian High School.
After graduation, she attended Fresno State University as a history major, intending to teach. However, at that time she also began attending church consistently for the first time in her life. 
She started attending Awakening, the Young Adult Ministry at Peoples Church, as a way to merely find friendships in her recent college transition. It was at Awakening that she truly gave her life to Christ and began following him wholeheartedly. She soon felt a call to ministry and wanted to spend her days helping people meet Jesus like she had. 
She has now graduated from Lee University with a degree in Pastoral Ministries and feels passionate about reaching everyone so they can experience a wonderful life alongside our Savior, Jesus.
Pastor Erin married her high school sweetheart Jaden in 2022. They enjoy watching movies, playing games, and spending time with their adorable dog Asher.