Pastor Barbara Solis

Family Counseling Pastor

“Y’all come back” was a familiar expression in Pastor Barbara Solis’ childhood home. Pastor Barbara was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to parents that were born and raised in the South. The foundation of her southern charm is built on hospitality, family and morals: the fundamentals that were taught to her throughout her childhood.

Being one of five children, the house was always full. It was not unusual for Pastor Barbara’s dad to call home before dinner to say, “Add another plate to the table.” Those values continue to be a central focus for her and her husband Al. She and Al have a beautifully blended family of five children and seven grandchildren.

Barbara has always had a love for children, which is why she focused on interdisciplinary child development throughout her high school and college years. At a turning point in Barbara’s life, she traveled with a group of college students from her church to 12 countries studying the political, economic, and religious structure of each country. Because of that trip, Barbara fully committed her life to Jesus.

Though her life has had its trials and tragedies, her love for God and family has remained constant. Whether she is counseling individuals, gathering the family together, or opening her home for small groups, the cry of her heart is “Y’all come back!”