Thanks for visiting our PC Women’s Page! My name is Joni Oquist and I have the extreme privilege and blessing of leading the women of our faith family. I grew up in a Pastor’s home (and then married a Pastor!) and cannot stress enough the value of being connected to a loving church community.  It’s really where we learn to live the life God intended for us through the study of His Word, development of our spiritual gifts, and formation of lasting relationships.

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the new | next experience for women

The theme of our winter season of “The New” is GOD REVEALED

Reveal means to allow something to be seen that, until then, had been hidden.

It is impossible for us to describe our almighty, omnipotent, Creator God but as we seek to know him, He reveals Himself to us in ALL kinds of ways!

Each episode of “The New” will feature one of our PC women highlighting a portion of scripture and sharing how God revealed the truth of that scripture to her through a personal story.

Reading a scripture about God’s love, His peace or provision is awesome, but truly experiencing those characteristics at times in life when we need them the most is life-changing!.

The New will be posted each Wednesday, beginning January 20 at 10am on facebook.com/pcwomen and peopleschurch.org/youtube. If you are interested in being a part of a small group please contact us at women@peopleschurch.org.


We are extremely excited to announce we will be back for in-person PC Women’s Bible study in the spring of 2021!  Here’s a bit of information about the study we will be doing.


by Jennifer Rothschild

Sometimes the landscapes of our lives feel wrecked, with our hope and purpose in shambles. We can become distracted and discouraged. That must have been how the Jewish people felt when they returned to their wrecked land after exile and began rebuilding the temple.

The prophet Haggai reminded them they could find courage in the God who had never left them. God’s presence and promises continue to give us that same courage to press on and trust Him with our story.

In this 7-session study on the Book of Haggai, learn to walk confidently in your calling, stay motivated despite opposition, and courageously invest your life in God’s purposes.

Order now through LifeWay.com or Amazon.com

Phemom: The Mom Phenomenon

Phemom was created in 2012 to encourage the phenomenal moms of our faith community as they raise their kids.  Small groups are formed and led by moms of older children. These “Model Moms” listen, share wisdom, and give love and prayer support to each mom in her group.  Phemom is a treasured space on every Phemom’s calendar as a time to recharge and be reminded she is not alone.

Beginning January 19 will be meeting in virtual groups to watch an enlightening series called, Breathing Room for Moms, by Mandy Arioto.

Do you ever feel like you don’t enjoy anything because you’re trying to do everything?

With one surprisingly simple invitation, God offers a way to trade your overwhelming pace for one that will finally bring you peace. With a little humor and a lot of empathy, Sandra Stanley and Mandy Arioto will help you avoid burnout and find some breathing room, even in the trenches of motherhood.

For more information on Phemom or how to participate in a virtual group, please email us at women@peopleschurch.org.

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Latte & Lit Book Club

The book of the Month for January is Epic Faith: Rooted in the Voice, Word and Character of God by Marty Meyer. The story is of Marty’s faith journey from youth pastor in Idaho to missionary trekking through Nepal and India, Marty Meyer shares his epic failures as well as his triumphs. Expertly weaving a gripping story with powerful lessons, he delivers spiritual principles that will inspire you to reach for the dreams God has for you. Epic faith is about putting your beliefs into practice and becoming the person God has called you to be. This book is an invitation to an adventure and a deeper and more real relationship with Jesus. Latte and Lit will not be meeting for the month of January.

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Check out our Facebook page, Women’s Ministries at Peoples Church. It’s a great way to stay up to date on women’s Bible studies, ministry opportunities, events and words of encouragement! Email us at women@peopleschurch.org for more information on PC Women.




Do you have a Pinterest board? Does your car automatically head to Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann’s even if your craft cupboards are bursting at the seams? If so, bring your crafting skills to Boutique!

Women of all ages are invited to gather every Thursday morning to create beautiful items for our annual Holiday Boutique Sale. The proceeds go to benefit various projects in and around Peoples Church.

Currently, Boutique is taking a pause.  As restrictions are lifted and the threat of Covid-19 is lessened, we will prayerfully consider resuming.


These wonderful women share their love of quilting by giving of their time to design and create quilts to be donated to local groups, charities and ministries such as The Fresno Rescue Mission and Teen Challenge. They meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month in the Multi-Purpose Room from 9am-12pm.

Piecemakers is currently taking a pause.  As restrictions are lifted and the threat of Covid-19 is lessened, we will prayerfully consider resuming.

women support groups

S.A.R.A.H. is for women who desire to move through the healing steps of recovery from sexual abuse. For more information, contact Barbara Solis, barbaras@peopleschurch.org or 559.298.8001.

In small confidential groups, this 12-week Bible study is an opportunity to examine your experience, identify the impact of the loss, and acknowledge feelings and beliefs you may struggle with.  Because of the emotional numbness and secrecy that often surrounds this experience, conflicting emotions can later emerge as symptoms of post abortion trauma.  We learn to apply Biblical principles to those symptoms as we look to God for genuine and permanent healing.  For more information, please contact Rhonda: rkbdesign49@gmail.com

The Precepts class follows the inductive Bible study method taught by Kay Arthur. For more information, email women@peopleschurch.org.


What do we do with these raw emotions? Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us?  God gave us emotions to experience life, NOT destroy it! For more information, email barbaras@peopleschurch.org.