Small Groups

Small Groups

At Peoples Church we value doing life together. Small Groups are a way to connect, build community and grow through great conversation and life long relationships.

Small Group discussion questions

Why Small Group Life?

In this season of social distancing and limited in person interactions, we know that community is more important than ever! Small Group Life is a great way to grow in your relationships with Jesus and with others through watch parties, in home groups (where social distancing can happen), facetime calls, and conversations with friends and family!

How to host a group?

Pray- Ask God who you should invite to grow in community with through this season.


Gather- Whether in person or digitally, commit to meeting together at a set time each week.


Study & Discussion – If you can read, you can lead! Just download the questions made available each week and talk through them with honesty and vulnerability.


Pray – End each group in prayer.  Pray for each other and any needs there may be.