pastor dawson oquist

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to be the bold witnesses Jesus called us to be. What are portions of your testimony that you could share with someone today?

pastor marcus marshall

The Holy Spirit wants to help us share our faith. We need His help as we navigate the opportunities in our daily lives that could impact someone’s eternity.

pastor DJ Oquist

The Holy Spirit always works to exalt Jesus, which we should also be doing. Let’s take a moment to connect with the Holy Spirit and ask where we can better exalt Jesus in our lives.

pastor sam barrera

The Holy Spirit is always working in our lives, not just in the big moments. We need to acknowledge His work in our lives and explore what else He is working on in us.

pastor brad liebe

We are each called to a mission field, whether at work or home, local or abroad. Where is the Holy Spirit asking you to share the good news of Jesus?


The Holy Spirit wants to communicate with us to help us live up to the standard of Jesus Christ. When we allow the Holy Spirit time to speak, we will see His work in our lives as we begin to think and act like Christ Jesus.


The Holy Spirit is always ready and willing to communicate with us when we allow Him time to speak. During this video series, we will intentionally connect with the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to move, shape, and speak love and life into us.