Small Group Questions

Small group questions

Pastor Dale Oquist
Palm Sunday
April 5, 2020

After watching this week’s message, we encourage you to go through these questions with your friends and family, either in person or through social media!

This Palm Sunday Pastor Dale talked about a traditional Palm Sunday passage from Mark. He began by talking about how we can often find ourselves feeling doubt and discouragement because of unmet expectations and this passage speaks directly to that feeling.

He gave the example of Ted Turner who as a young man watched his sister suffer and ultimately die from illness, then losing his father who committed suicide. After these encounters he made the statement, “If this is how God is, I want nothing to do with him.”


Q.1- Have you ever been disappointed in God?

Read: Mark 11:1-11

Pastor Dale gave us some of context surrounding this passage to show how intentional Jesus was in his movements. On his way to this moment, Jesus deals with Mary and Martha (John 11) who are disappointed in him because their brother Lazarus who had died. They felt that Jesus was four days late because he missed their brother dying, but Jesus bring Lazarus back from the dead.

Q.2- Have you ever doubted God’s timing in your life, feeling like he showed up too late? If so, have you been able to see in reverse that his timing is always intentional?

This passage in Mark 11 is almost a fake coronation in which Jesus is orchestrating the moments leading up to his death. We read that the crowd is going crazy as he comes into the city and that he is allowing people to call him King and Messiah when he never has before. From here Jesus goes into the temple, turning over the tables and calling it “my house”. Knowing that the people will either have to crown him king as they said or kill him.

This takes place on the tenth day of the month of Nisan which is actually a Monday not a Sunday. This is significant because this day every year was “lamb selection day”. The day in which the people selected the sacrifice that would take place on Friday. Jesus’ timing was no mistake, knowing that He would be the ultimate sacrifice that Friday.

Read: Matthew 21:4-5 and Zechariah 9:9

All of Jesus’ actions in these moments were to fulfill the prophesy of Zechariah given 500 years earlier.

The people cried out, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”, this means save us, rescue us now! Everything they are doing is communicating the kingship of Jesus, not realizing that he was coming to die for them.

Their expectation was conquest and victory over the Romans.
Yet what they didn’t know was that Jesus was coming to love his enemies to death.

Q.3- Has there been a time in your life when your expectations of what you think you want, and need aren’t actually what is best for you?

We all have expectations about what, when and how God is going to move, but we often become disappointed and discouraged when it doesn’t go the way we expected. The truth and blessing that we can find in the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry is that, Jesus may not meet our every expectation, but he will meet our every need.

He lived his life to die for his enemies. That’s us, we were enemies to God until we received the sacrifice of Jesus.

Q.4- What would life look like if my relationship to God was completely dependent not on my performance or expectations, but on Jesus’ life and performance?

Q.5- Share a time when Jesus didn’t meet your expectations, but he met your needs!