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Peoples Church Missions serves as a liaison between missionaries and our local church family. Through your giving you make it possible for us to support 96 ministries and missionaries on five continents.

We regularly communicate with them, organize prayer support for them and host them when they come our way. Another of our responsibilities is to educate our faith family about the importance of missions in the plan of God.

We also make sure that 100% of every designated dollar given reaches the intended missionary.

For more information please contact isabela@peopleschurch.org or 298-8001.

Peoples Church Missions Pastor

Terry and Lila Townsend served as missionaries in Indonesia and Russia from 1985 to 1998. They love starting and pastoring multicultural churches.

Probably their greatest thrill was starting International Christian Assembly in Moscow just a few months after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Terry now serves as the Peoples Church missions pastor and, together, with Lila, planted and now serves as pastor of Iglesia PC, the Spanish speaking arm of Peoples Church.


Good News Club for Greenberg Elementary School


We have been invited by the administration of Greenberg Elementary School in Southeast Fresno to begin a Good News Club on campus this fall.

Each week an exciting Bible lesson using colorful materials will be presented. This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a missions story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson’s theme.

Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior. Every club also includes strong discipleship training to build character and strengthen moral and spiritual growth. All children are encouraged to attend a local church.

The club will meet once a week from 2:30 – 3:30 PM. If you are interested connect with Lila Townsend, lila.townsend@gmail.com

Tim & Karyn Mann, Austria

Tim and Karyn were part of our recent Missions Week team and we welcome them as the newest members of our PC Missions family. They live and serve in Mauthausen, Austria where 40 nations are represented. A quarter of the population is Turkish Muslims. And it is the location of the primary Concentration Camp from WW11.

The Manns participate in the life of the village through music events, art, teaching English, house groups and speaking about Jesus within the Christian and Muslim communities. This all happens through relationship.

They are now partnering with Austrian neighbors in welcoming and loving the Iraqi and Syrian Refugees who are there by God’s design. They are precious, broken and looking for community and hope.

God has spoken healing and transformation of the Community and outward, through relationship with Jesus.

This is a scripture that the Lord gave them as he began to point out the “nations” in our village… and particularly, the Turks and then the Refugees.

From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. Acts 17:26-27

For more information about these opportunities email Pastor Terry at terryt@peopleschurch.org


Convoy of Hope Hurricane Relief Update

Thanks to your contributions during our recent One Day to Feed the World we are helping provide immediate relief to hurting people in Haiti, Cuba and the southern US.

Convoy of Hope has distributed nearly 2 million meals in Haiti and have sent more than 14 million more meals from their World Distribution Center to arrive in the coming days.

They have also served more than 13,000 people in the U.S. covering all four states that were affected by the storm — Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. More than a dozen truckloads have been delivered to the affected areas so far.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew and the death toll has risen to more than 1,000 people.


Dale and Lurdes Chappell, Portugal

Dale is originally from Peoples Church and has served in Portugal since 1987. His wife, Lurdes, is a Portugese national.

They pastor a church in the Lisbon area called Koinonia and are also well known across Portugal for their work in music and drama.

In 2000 Pastor Terry and Lila were visiting them, borrowed their car and were involved in an accident, totaling the vehicle. They were gracious through it all!


Brent and Renea Liebe, Malta

Brent & Renea Liebe are Assemblies of God Missionaries to Malta.  They were asked to go to Malta to help strengthen the National Assemblies of God both at the national and local level.

Currently, there is one Assemblies of God church in Malta.  Over the next few years they are hoping to grow the organization through church plants and by assimilating other evangelical churches into the organization.

They find that people are searching like never before for something that is real and alive.  They’ve lived within a religion that is all about rules and traditions without the power of the Holy Spirit.

They are praying that God will move so the Maltese can see the real and tangible power of God.  That they will have an experience that will change their lives like never before.

Let’s pray with them and continue to invest in our world through PC Missions.


Joseph Gordon, Northern India

Joseph was a speaker for our Missions Week in October 2015. He recently sent the following progress report about their work in northern India.

Since coming to the city of Mussoorie, India in 1995 they have seen 50 churches planted and dozens of young disciples are being trained and sent out every year.

Also, when they began to reach out into the city of Ladakh they did not have one disciple. Now there are dozens of young men and women who are giving their lives to preach the gospel.

We are able to contribute every month to Joseph and his family because of your faithful giving to PC Missions.


Mardy and Brenda Barnes, Mexico

Mardy and Brenda are from Peoples Church and got involved in missions by joining our yearly outreach to Ensenada, Mexico.

After both of them left successful business careers they have been serving fulltime with YUGO Ministries since 2007.

Mardy serves as Director of Operations, overseeing all purchases and construction at YUGOs campuses in Mexico. He reports that this summer they were able to bless over 80 families with a safe and secure home. Some of these families have never had anything but a dirt floor, and some have never slept on a real bed.

Brenda runs a business that provides jobs for local women and provides financial support for ministries in the area.

Through your faithful giving to PC Missions we are able to partner with this great couple.

For more information about these opportunities email Pastor Terry at terryt@peopleschurch.org


Nathan and Jennifer Thomas, Vanuatu


 Nathan and Jennifer served as missionary associates for 2 on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. While there they founded the first Christian school on the island. Since that time the school has doubled in size under the leadership of a local pastor.

They will be returning to Vanuatu to start additional Christian schools and adult literacy and teacher training programs.

Because of your giving through PC Missions we are able to help the Thomas’s in these worthy initiatives.


Evangelicals for Social Action/

Love in the Name of Christ

Alan Doswald, Director

Their mission is to mobilize Christian churches and individuals to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

ESA networks with and connects over 500 local churches and groups empowering them to meet community needs.

Here is why we need ESA/Love INC!

Our Central Valley is the poorest region in the U.S.   We have been called the Appalachia of the West.

In 2005, The Brookings Institute compared poverty rates in the 50 largest cities in the U.S.  (Fresno is the 36th largest).  They reported that Fresno had the highest concentrated poverty rates in its neighborhoods of all those cities.  Fresno had 22 extreme poverty neighborhoods with over 40% of each neighborhood living below the poverty level.

Your continued giving to PC Missions enables us to actively partner with this great ministry.

For more information about these opportunities email Pastor Terry at terryt@peopleschurch.org



David Cartwright

Unreached Tribes, Costa Rica

The Cartwright family works in Costa Rica to bring Christ to the still unreached people groups that Central American nation by pairing a Bible discipleship and church planting tool with practical community training in sustainable development techniques.

Amy is also working with girls in very impoverished neighborhoods at risk for physical and sexual abuse in a ministry called Chicas de Promesa.

They spent the past 3 years working in the BriBri community of Salitre and recently head from the local pastor that there is trouble in the community but they continue to press forward.

Pray for them for protection and favor in the community and that God continues to move mightily.

Please pray for another group of indigenous people called the Ngobe, originally from Panama but crossed into Costa Rica many years ago. This group is still under 1% Christian. God has put it on their hearts to target this people group when they return.

Because of your faithful giving to PC Missions we are able to support this family every month.


Fresno/Madera Youth for Christ, Ed Kaczmarek


A few weeks more than 20 teenage moms and teen dads made decisions for Christ at their YFC Parent Life camp, held annually at Hume Lake.  The total group was over 150.

Also, 34 kids made a decision at Easter service in Fresno Juvenile Hall.  In recent weeks, 7 made that decision at Madera Juvenile Hall; 7 more at Roosevelt High; and 4 at Clark Middle School through their campus clubs.

They also facilitated outreaches at Edison High and Sunnyside High, where 30 kids accepted Christ.

The Campus Life Center on North Chestnut Ave is on track to open as soon as end of May.

As you give to PC Missions we are able to partner with ministries like Youth for Christ.


John Koehler, Streams in the Desert

John, a single missionary, spent several years starting a project to bring hope to broken women in Mongolia and has recently moved to a restricted nation he calls “A Land”.

He shares the following prayer requests…

Language language language! I really need His enabling!

 I really want to move to an area of the city where I can mingle with the people. My trip to the other part of A land showed me just how helpful this is to language learning. Please pray for a place more suited to using the language I am learning.

 My volunteers want to begin doing acts of kindness, such as giving out bread, to the addicts under the bridge here. This will be a real financial challenge for them and will call for some sacrificial giving. Pray that they take this challenge and as they sacrificially give I believe God will do some amazing acts of provision.

 A partner called to A land.

Thanks to your faithful giving to PC Missions we are able to invest in ministries such as this in unreached areas of our world.


George Chavanikamannil, India


India is the largest democracy in the world with over 1.2 billion people. It is estimated that in a few years India will become the largest country by population in the world.

There are over 4,000 ethnic groups and 416 different languages spoken in India. Of these 222 are considered “major” languages spoken by a minimum of 100,000 people.

Good News for India is committed to training, sending, and supporting Indian national Christians to preach the Gospel and strengthen the Church in the Indian subcontinent.

They do this by operating a theological college, and planting more than 600 churches so far in areas where no churches previously existed.

Their goal is to bring the Good News to as many unreached people groups as possible and plant churches among them.

When you give to PC Missions you are helping to support missionaries like George Chavanikamannil.


Brian and Renee Alex, Italy

Serving previously as pastors in the northern European country of Estonia, Brian and Renee are headlong into igniting a church-planting movement in the southernmost tip of western Europe. Their desire is to plant gospel-centered churches in major towns throughout Sicily.

Having visited Sicily for over 20 years, God finally called them from Nashville, TN in 2013 to relocate permanently near the metropolitan city of Catania, where God is using them to make disciples, plant churches and build bridges of hope.

In a country where 9 out of 10 towns and villages have no gospel witness, the greatest national need is disciple-making, leadership training, as well as new church multiplication and planting.

Because of your giving to PC Missions we are now partnering financially each month with the Alexes.


Unnamed Family in the Arab World

We have launched two new educational initiatives this year. The goal is to get young people to come and see the need, and potentially commit to reaching the unreached of the Arab world.

Unreached People Group University (UPG-U) provides an opportunity for college students to earn an accredited, affordable college degree through Global University while gaining practical missions experience among unreached peoples as members of church planting teams on the field.

UPG-U is designed for the mature high school graduate who knows they are called to reach UPG’s.

We are also a site for students to come through ENGAGE Middle East. This program offers opportunities for students to join our team for 1-4 semesters while taking online courses through an accredited college/university. Along with college studies, students will study Arabic 8 hours a week.


News from Mark and Holly Brantley in Istanbul


We just heard from Mark and Holly about the refugee situation and the need for workers…

“It is far worse than what most of the western world is aware of. We have been ministering to a mom and her 3 kids from Syria. Her husband & daughter were killed in an explosion. Her oldest son, 15, was run over by a military vehicle and is paralyzed. Her 13 year old has been traumatized to the point where he doesn’t even speak and is in a wheelchair. Her 7 year old is inquisitive and is slowly warming up to others. They have been living in 2 rooms with 8-10 others just to survive”

“If you believe God is truly calling you to Turkey, let us know. Whether you’ve served as an usher, greeter, Sunday School teacher, accountant, worship team member, if you sense God calling you to come here, be obedient! You can help in the church, study Turkish and shine the light of Jesus in the neighborhood you would live in. Most here have never met a Christian”



Sam and Lisa Paris, Vanuatu


Sam and Lisaare both missionary kids. Sam grew up in Japan and Lisa grew up in Tonga and Guam. They have been called to serve in the nation of Vanuatu as a family by living out the Love of Christ.

God has filled them with a passion to share the Gospel with unreached tribes located throughout the center of one of Vanuatu’s most southern islands, Tanna.

They are currently at 72 per cent of their needed support to relocate to Vanuatu and launch their ministry and are requesting our prayers for a speedy departure.

Because of your giving to PC Missions we have now joined their monthly support team.




Lauren Becker, Thailand


Lauren directs Take5 Thailand, with plans to invest five consecutive one-year teams to plant a church for university students in an unreached city in Thailand, a nation of 67 million people where 95% are Buddhist and 4% are Muslim.  Many of these people have never heard about Jesus.

Sandy Davis and Brittany Salley, from Peoples Church, have already served on one of these teams.

Here is how Lauren summarizes the last twelve months…

“I trained local leaders to direct TLC English Center in Chiang Mai. I moved to a new city. My team and I have started a new church.”

Through your giving to PC Missions we are able to partner with Lauren each month.


Bryan and Misty Elliott, Wales


In South Wales, the average Assembly of God church has 19 people in attendance, with an average age of 65. The number of churches has been cut in half in recent years.

Bryan and Misty are responding to this need by planting Capital City Church in the city of Cardiff.

They recently celebrated their first baptismal service with 4 eager participants.

“With more churches come more Christians,” says Bryan, “and with more Christians there is a greater potential for affecting our present world for good.  How many schools and hospitals and feeding stations and charitable organizations have their genesis in a local church?  Think of the impact we can have if we have more churches.”

Through giving to PC Missions you are helping us invest in Wales through the Elliotts.


Danny and Cindy McKollor, Sierra Leone


Danny & Cindy use The Jesus Film & Music Festivals to evangelize and preach the good news about Jesus’ power to forgive sins, and change lives, as Savior of the world, healer & deliverer.

They also work with the national church to encourage workers, and train Christian leaders and pastors.

They are praising the Lord that the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone is officially over!

Your giving to PC Missions allows us to support missionaries like the McKollors all around the world.

new life church

 New Life Church, Baghdad

We are partnering with our friend Pastor Jules and New Life Church, Baghdad as they reach out to many Muslim refugees fleeing the violence all around them. Please continue to pray and to give to PC Missions.

When you give to PC Missions you help support missionaries like this.


Kirk and Yvonne Jones, Panama


Kirk and Yvonne are children’s ministry specialists with the Assemblies of God of Panamá, which just celebrated its 48th anniversary. It has grown into a thriving movement of 1,000 churches, 1,500 ministers, many Bible training institutes, and dozens of Christian schools.

Recently they experienced a miracle with their residence visa. Panamá Immigration had previously rejected their missionary visa application based on a name discrepancy. Their lawyer said, “Pray!”

This week they submitted an appeal for reconsideration and immigration inexplicably approved their two-year visa. Kirk says, “Government bureaucracies don’t normally work like that, but thank God He does!”

When you give to PC Missions you help support missionaries like this.


Brownell2Jerry and Virla Brownell, Singapore


Jerry and Virla direct the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) School of Biblical Studies in Singapore. They teach through the entire Bible in 9 months! Jerry is currently in Kathmandu, Nepal, where they have previously taught and led outreach teams several times, helping build shelters for families who have lost most everything in the recent earthquakes.

Here is their prayer request for Nepal…

Please pray for this devastated nation. The orphanage that we have been to stayed standing but had many large cracks and one wall out. We are rebuilding two of the ground floor walls while all the children have been sleeping outside for over a month now. There is a danger that many more lives will be lost because of monsoon rains which will cause landslides and then as winter comes and some are still left with no shelter.

When you give to PC Missions you help support missionaries like this.

SaggioDr. Saggio and Nancy


Saggio has been involved in ministry, writing, and higher education for over thirty years. An educator with a pastor’s heart, Dr. Saggio cares passionately for students’ academic and spiritual development and believes that the two should work together. He and his wife Nancy have a great love for Native people and have grown to appreciate their tribal contributions and value systems that greatly honor experience, balance, wisdom, and practical knowledge. Dr. Saggio is passionately committed to equipping Native Americans and others for a life of Christian service.

Bruce-Kenabrew-missionsPC Missions is on the move!

Bruce Kinabrew is leading a team of 15 people to Cavite, Philippines, on the island of Luzon. The area is less than 7% evangelical and the team will be involved in holding crusades and in public school evangelism.

Pray that many people will respond to the gospel and that churches and Bible studies will be planted.

Our Mexico team, 78 strong under the leadership of Matt Weimer, left this morning for Ensenada, Mexico where they will be building 4 houses for needy families and leading outreaches to women and children.

Your giving makes these summer outreaches possible. Thank you!

PrevetteBill and Ky Prevette


From their base in Oxford, England Bill and Ky focus on meeting the needs of at risk families, children and youth in Europe.

Currently they are helping lead a new training venture in Bucharest, Romania addressing challenges such as confronting secularism, dealing with the marginalization of ‘at risk’ communities such as the Roma people, tackling human trafficking, stemming apathy to spiritual truth, and increasing awareness of the needs of people migrating to and from Europe.

Europe is a challenging place and the Prevettes need our prayers!

Joe and Judi Portale, Youth with a Mission (YWAM)


This week we received this report from Joe and Judie, who equip young people around the world to become missionaries…

Our students on outreach to France are experiencing wonderful things. They have ministered on the streets, in high schools, in Christian cafes, in churches and at a Nicky Cruz evangelistic campaign in southern France. At one of the high school English classes, the students started asking questions about God. Within a few minutes several needing healing had been prayed for. A girl with an injured knee was healed and began to weep. The pain was gone. Another student who stuttered was healed.

BoyerBill and LaVonne Boyer, Philippines


Bill and LaVonne train students to take the Gospel to the least reached peoples of the world, both within the Philippines and in northern Asia.

They recently celebrated the graduation of 32 students at Bethel Bible College in Manila.

VdovicencoIvan and Ina Vdovicenco


Ivan and Ina and their family serve with New Life Moldova in the former communist nation where there is amazing spiritual openness. Here is a recent prayer request…

On Easter we are planning a large event for the capital of our country. We want to show the Magdalena Movie, which presents a very clear message of the Gospel, and then invite people to respond. Please pray with us that 500 people will attend.

CatesSean and Trisha Cates


Sean and Trisha are from Peoples Church and now serve with YUGO Ministries in the Ensenada area. Lately God has opened doors for them to befriend some native Tribal Oaxacan people.

They have been supplying them with food and beds. Now it’s on to a new project to bring an audio version of the GOOD NEWS (The Gospel) to these special people. They really are still a mostly unreached people group here in Mexico and definitely one of the most oppressed.

Pray for God’s wisdom to figure out the most cost effective way to bring audio versions of the gospel to a people who mostly can’t read, don’t have electricity, and have no means of charging a device.

Sean says…

To be laughed at or mocked as a follower of Jesus is no hardship to me. The hardship to me is seeing many people reject the only One who can save them. My success in life will consist of One Thing. Did I make a big deal about JESUS? If I can do that….I’ve succeeded.

GranerJudy Graner, Colombia and Latin America


Raised as the daughter of missionaries in Latin America. Judy and her husband, Steve, have been supported by our church since 1994.

Since Steve’s death in 2010 Judy has continued to provide leadership training for Latin American ministers and educators, aiding national missionaries to go to unreached people groups and writing and editing Bible School and graduate level educational materials.