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Peoples Church Missions serves as a liaison between missionaries and our local church family. Through your giving you make it possible for us to support 104 ministries and missionaries on five continents.

We regularly communicate with them, organize prayer support for them and host them when they come our way. Another of our responsibilities is to educate our faith family about the importance of missions in the plan of God.

We also make sure that 100% of every designated dollar given reaches the intended missionary.

For more information please contact isabela@peopleschurch.org or 298-8001.

Peoples Church Missions Pastor

Terry and Lila Townsend served as missionaries in Indonesia and Russia from 1985 to 1998. They love starting and pastoring multicultural churches.

Probably their greatest thrill was starting International Christian Assembly in Moscow just a few months after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Terry now serves as the Peoples Church missions pastor and, together, with Lila, planted and now serves as pastor of Iglesia PC, the Spanish speaking arm of Peoples Church.