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Being Better Together

The mission of the marriage ministry at Peoples Church is to help couples become a reflection of God’s design for marriage.

Our vision is to see Godly couples who are intimately connected and biblically equipped to maintain a thriving, stable relationship in a spiritually supported and balanced life.

How can we serve you?

Couples Mentoring

A program that provides 2 on 2 mentoring for couples who are dating, engaged, or married. During the 7 session mentoring program, couples learn their strengths as individuals and as a couple as well as their growth areas. The couple will begin the program by taking an online couple inventory. The mentors will then take the couple through several workbook exercises to facilitate conversation to help them better understand themselves and their relationship. Our goal is to provide couples with skills that will strengthen and enhance their relationship long term.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love

Whether you are married, engaged, or seriously dating this 6-week class will benefit your relationship. Learn a set of 10 skills that will enable you to relate to one another in brand new ways.

Smart Step Family

Leading stepfamily expert Ron Deal from Focus on the Family reveals the steps to blended family success providing realistic solutions to the issues faced as a stepfamily. Whether married or soon to be married, in this 6 week class couples will discover how to:

  • solve the everyday puzzles of step-parenting and stepchildren relationships
  • invest the time to grow your stepfamily slowly rather than looking for instant results
  • learn communications skills to deal with ex-spouses

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Marriage is not a joke, or maybe it is. Laugh your way to a better marriage class is 4 weeks of improving your marriage and having some fun together. Join us, don’t let your marriage become a joke.


Married, Dating or Engaged? Join our couple enrichment group Prepare/Enrich. Learn your relationship strengths and growth areas. During this 8 week class you will be equipped with tools to take your relationship to the next level.

For additional information please contact Jordan and Sharon King at or the church office at 559.298.8001